Monday, 4 January 2010


So I've finally got round to starting my blog, hoorayyy!
I signed up in October and just never got round to actually putting anything into it. I'll mainly be ranting and obsessing over all things fashion and beauty related and I've recently got a lot of new products I really want to do reviews on. So there'll be a lot to look forward to :)

Well, let me introduce myself properly before I start with the makeup talk. I'm a 20 year old Art & Design student specialising in Photography. I work in Superdrug and a Bar/Lounge part time and I've worked in the fashion retail sector a fair few times. I LOVE fashion and cosmetics and I love to sit down and have a good read through other beauty blogs. I became a little bit obsessed over Youtube makeup tutorials over a year ago and it lead me to the blog world.

I've also recently started to make my own hair accessories when I made a hair piece for new year and got some positive comments. So in the near future I may start to sell them online providing I get some fairly decent feedback Blog-wise.

I'm off, look out for my product reviews from tonight and in the next couple of days!!

Love & Lipgloss,
Dianne DD.


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