Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Winter Fingers.

So around the winter season our hands can do with a little bit tlc. I know my hands get very dry with the cold weather and so I popped down to my local Superdrug to get something for this. I came out with a small 50ml tube of Vaseline Intensive Rescue Soothing Hand Cream. This product mentions it's for very dry skin so I thought it was perfect for what I was looking for as I have a big problem with dry hands all year round if I'm honest.

The product description for this reads;
"Healthy skin naturally repairs itself. But as hands are constantly active and exposed to the elements, this natural process can be disrupted, leading to cracked and rough skin..

Vaseline soothing hand cream's unique formula infuses skin with intense moisturisers and sinks in within seconds, yet lasts all day to promote the ideal environment that skin needs to repair itself.

  • Glycerin - instantly softens skin
  • Occlusives - help prevent moisture loss
  • Unique non-greasy formulation - leaves an invisible protective shield on hands
  • lanolin free
Directions:Apply liberally as needed"
This product cost me around a little less than £3, which I wouldn't normally pay for such a small tube, but when I read the description I thought this might actually work for me. The product is a an ideal size to carry in a hand bag, with a flip top lid for easy application. I've used a fair few hand creams before and they've not really done the trick, most I find are thick and greasy and don't feel like they're working. However, when I first put this on my hands, they felt instantly soothed.

The best part of this cream to me is its smell. It is fragrance free, as there's no mention of a particular fragrance on the tube, however I LOVE the smell. It's very fresh, yet sweet.. maybe? I couldn't even describe it to you.. it's not a smell I could compare to anything but I love it and if anyone else has used this I'd love to know what you all think about this. Or whether I'm just a tad bit strange..

The actual cream is white and non sticky. There's nothing worse than a sticky hand cream and having to wait for it to soak in before you can even touch anything and in my case, when you have 4 cats, the last thing you want to do is go out with a handful of cat fur, not a good look!

A small amount of product goes a long way. You only really need a tiny squeeze tube to cover your hands reasonably. It's quite impressive.

I can say I would buy this again and I would recommend it to people with dry skin looking for an instant relief.

Keep those paws Primed!
Love & Lipgloss,
Dianne DD.



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