Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Forgotten Secrets.

I almost forgot how splendid Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse is. Earlier on I was popping to the shops and didn't want to have to spend ages on my makeup, yet didn't want to go with out any on. My first instincts used to be to just wack out the matte mousse, but I had totally forgotten about this little gem. This used to be my everyday foundation and it worked fine. Until I started using HD Liquid foundations and better coverage foundations. The matte mousse is so easy to just blend in and has a good quality coverage and I think it's something everyone should have in their makeup collection for those fast, effective times when you just can't be bothered to put in a big effort.

I picked up a couple of products whilst I was out at the Supermarket, so a haul is in order, as well as a little shopping trip haul I have from past weeks with some Barry M goodies.

Love & Lipgloss,
Dianne DD.

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Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Floral Hair Piece.

So for New Year I bought everything I needed but missed out the most important part of my outfit, a hair piece. Now most people wouldn't think this was important at all.. but I'm a little bit crazy and really enjoy having a rather big item on my head.. strange I know..
So I got out the super glue, found some fake flowers and a long hair slide and made my own!
My Mam wasn't too impressed that I'd taken all the heads off her fake flowers however.. but the hair piece was looking rather cool.
Plenty of models and runway shows have adorned heads with floral pieces and designs and I think they look very striking.

Here was my end result;

Now I know it looks a bit shabby, but for a first time quick idea it didn't look too bad. I must admit the photo's don't give it too much justice and it looks marginely better in real life..

& here it is in my hair..

So as if I haven't got enough hair accessories, I've decided to buy in a wholesale of different coloured petals and hair slides to make some up for different outfits.
If anyone is interested in reviewing these get in touch :)

Stay Safe!
Love & Lipgloss,
Dianne DD.

Monday, 11 January 2010

J'adore Parisienne.

There's a current Parisienne trend on the scene at the moment ready for the spring/summer and I love it. Topshop have caught onto it and they currently have some great items of clothing in this collection.
One of my favourite items is this embroidered Eiffel Tower tee -

This top has a really summery feel and it's just adorable! It would look perfect with skirts and tights, leggings and jeans and is so adaptable to any look and the little embroidered Eiffel Tower designs are so cute!

Another item I came across in the collection by Topshop was this hair band. I am a bigggg sucker for bows and hair accessories and the minute I saw this I fell in love. This hair band is gorgeous. The layered ribbons are lovely and it's just such a good item to finish off an outfit!!

And last but cerrrrtainlllyy not least is this little gem!!! This necklace is from Ruby Boutique, a new online store selling some amazing accessories and all handmade by the lovely Laura! This store is very cheap yet so chic. All items purchased has free postage and packing and there's no minimum spend! I know this necklace will be in my online basket very soon to kick start the summer and I'm really excited to pair it up with my other Parisienne themed items.

visit the store and check out the other items on offer :)

Aside from my little collection excitement, I went shopping the other day and have some pretty little pieces to show off in my next blog. So stay tuned!

Au Revoir

Love & Lipgloss,
Dianne DD.

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Friday, 8 January 2010

Small Avon Haul & Review.

So as you all know my Avon orders arrived on Wednesday and I promised a little bit of a haul and review and I've now had a decent chance to try out all the products.

So I'll start with the Ideal Shade Foundation.
I bought this product because I've been vastly running out of Avon's Perfectwear Extralasting Foundation which I loved because it's a 2 in 1 foundation and primer, meaning no faff on with both products.
But as I got Gosh's Velvet Touch Foundation Primer for Christmas I decided to try this foundation out.
So I've been using this foundation everyday since I got it and found it really quite splendid.
This foundation goes on really well and aside from my velvet touch primer, the foundation also feels very velvet-esque and leaves a matte finish.
I've had this foundation on from early this morning and it's now 3.09am the next day and I still haven't taken off my makeup and I've unfortunately been to two jobs, yet my foundation is still intact and I look no different to how I left for work yesterday morning. So thumbs up for this product. Thumbs down to my late night makeup wearing. (Beauty Bloggers who religiously cleanse and tone. I'm deeply sorry, there's just nights you have no energy. All hale 3in1 makeup wipes).

Another product I bought was the Arabian Glow Liquid Lip Balm.
This product has been in the Avon Sale book for quite some time now and I've been very indecisive as to whether to try it or not as recently I've gone off lip glosses and more swaying toward just lipsticks. But I was very interested in trying a liquid lip balm as I thought this might have the same attributes a lip balm contains yet the glossyness of a lip gloss.. pardon my blabber.
So when this arrived I was very pleased as the colour looks very different in the brochure. I instantly tried this as I was dying to know what sort of texture and colour it turned out to be.
I have to say I was really pleased. This product is very pigmented. The colour turns out really strong, very similar to how it looks in the tube which can be quite rare.
The texture isn't too sticky at all and it feels quite conditioning on the lips and leaves a really nice pinky coral tint!
I tried this product out with my Barry M lip paint in 100 and it is very flattering and my next run in with this product will be over the top of 147.. as I've been loving my coral colours recently.
Safe to say this was a favourite buy!

The next two products I decided to buy was the new Mega Impact Lipstick which is featured on the Avon adverts at the minute.
I was very intrigued at the shape of these new lipsticks and decided to get a couple of colours.
I went for Charged Cherry and Fuchsia Fun as I love my pink lip colours.

What Avon Say about this product:
Colour magnifiers boost the colour by highlighting and reflecting the true colour, so what you see is richer and more impactful. Rich, creamy formula, wears for hours. SPF15.

This first one is Fuchsia Fun.
Both colours are really fun colours to wear and can be worn as many different looks. You can spread it thinly for day-time wear or thick for a full impact, evening look. The lipsticks also contain glitter and are very shimmery when applied and have a slight gloss.

This little gem is Charged Cherry.

Another item I received which I missed off my last post is their Seeing Stripes Blusher. I've had this product before and I loved it!!
Not only does it look very cool, it's just an all round fabulous product.
It also has a good sized mirror on the back.

This blusher is a multi shaded miracle.
It can be worn light, or dark or a mixture of all colours and is amazing for contouring.
The lighter shades have a slight shimmer and the darker shades are more of a matte texture.
I tend to use the lighter shades on the apples of my cheeks and the darker colours higher up to contour my cheekbones.
I definitely recommend this product now while it's on sale. I can't quite remember how much I paid for his but I think around £3 which is excellent for the quality.

I always love a good Avon buy and they don't tend to let me down. So high fives!

Love, Lipgloss and very tired eyes,
Dianne DD.


Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Project 10 Pan.

I've been having a tidy up recently and discovered I really do have far too much makeup, yet I still keep buying more when it's really not needed. (When I say tidy.. I mean into an organised mess). I have decided a solution to this and I think I'm going to start project 10 pan. I've seen a few different Bloggers and Youtubers do this and for a challenge I'm going to see how I last. I already have a few products which are nearing the end so this might be a good opportunity to start.

If you're not aware of what project 10 pan means, basically it is where I can't purchase any new cosmetics until I have used up/hit pan on 10 items or more in my current makeup collection. It counts on any cosmetic and the whole product has to be fully used up for it to count. Once I have used up 10 of my items, then I am allowed to purchase something.

When I first heard about this I was more leaning toward not trying, considering I can't keep away from the Barry M counter. But seeing as my makeup collection has grown drastic amounts, particularly over Christmas, I think it's a good idea. I'll keep updated on how this works out.. fingers crossed!!

Love & Lipgloss,
Dianne DD.

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Avon Calling.

So it's Avon delivery day and I bought a few products. So I have my camera currently on charge and I will be doing a product haul and swatching a few items.

In my box of goodies there is;
  • An Arabian Glow Liquid Lip Balm in 'Coral Sands'
  • Ideal Shade Foundation in 'Ivory'
  • Two Mega Impact Lipsticks in 'Charged Cherry' and 'Fuchsia Fun'
I'll do a little bit of a product review and let you know what I think..

Watch this space,

Love & Lipgloss,
Dianne DD.

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Winter Fingers.

So around the winter season our hands can do with a little bit tlc. I know my hands get very dry with the cold weather and so I popped down to my local Superdrug to get something for this. I came out with a small 50ml tube of Vaseline Intensive Rescue Soothing Hand Cream. This product mentions it's for very dry skin so I thought it was perfect for what I was looking for as I have a big problem with dry hands all year round if I'm honest.

The product description for this reads;
"Healthy skin naturally repairs itself. But as hands are constantly active and exposed to the elements, this natural process can be disrupted, leading to cracked and rough skin..

Vaseline soothing hand cream's unique formula infuses skin with intense moisturisers and sinks in within seconds, yet lasts all day to promote the ideal environment that skin needs to repair itself.

  • Glycerin - instantly softens skin
  • Occlusives - help prevent moisture loss
  • Unique non-greasy formulation - leaves an invisible protective shield on hands
  • lanolin free
Directions:Apply liberally as needed"
This product cost me around a little less than £3, which I wouldn't normally pay for such a small tube, but when I read the description I thought this might actually work for me. The product is a an ideal size to carry in a hand bag, with a flip top lid for easy application. I've used a fair few hand creams before and they've not really done the trick, most I find are thick and greasy and don't feel like they're working. However, when I first put this on my hands, they felt instantly soothed.

The best part of this cream to me is its smell. It is fragrance free, as there's no mention of a particular fragrance on the tube, however I LOVE the smell. It's very fresh, yet sweet.. maybe? I couldn't even describe it to you.. it's not a smell I could compare to anything but I love it and if anyone else has used this I'd love to know what you all think about this. Or whether I'm just a tad bit strange..

The actual cream is white and non sticky. There's nothing worse than a sticky hand cream and having to wait for it to soak in before you can even touch anything and in my case, when you have 4 cats, the last thing you want to do is go out with a handful of cat fur, not a good look!

A small amount of product goes a long way. You only really need a tiny squeeze tube to cover your hands reasonably. It's quite impressive.

I can say I would buy this again and I would recommend it to people with dry skin looking for an instant relief.

Keep those paws Primed!
Love & Lipgloss,
Dianne DD.


Monday, 4 January 2010


So I've finally got round to starting my blog, hoorayyy!
I signed up in October and just never got round to actually putting anything into it. I'll mainly be ranting and obsessing over all things fashion and beauty related and I've recently got a lot of new products I really want to do reviews on. So there'll be a lot to look forward to :)

Well, let me introduce myself properly before I start with the makeup talk. I'm a 20 year old Art & Design student specialising in Photography. I work in Superdrug and a Bar/Lounge part time and I've worked in the fashion retail sector a fair few times. I LOVE fashion and cosmetics and I love to sit down and have a good read through other beauty blogs. I became a little bit obsessed over Youtube makeup tutorials over a year ago and it lead me to the blog world.

I've also recently started to make my own hair accessories when I made a hair piece for new year and got some positive comments. So in the near future I may start to sell them online providing I get some fairly decent feedback Blog-wise.

I'm off, look out for my product reviews from tonight and in the next couple of days!!

Love & Lipgloss,
Dianne DD.